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Sewer lines don't break that usually. The most common reason that they are doing break is because tree roots get within the joints and finally cause enough damage how the line collapses. Besides tree roots, land movement might do the same thing. When lines do break, in most cases a fairly expensive repair that should get done pretty quickly. - Reliant Plumbing

The way to Know When Sewer Lines Need Repair

A normal scenario for somebody needing sewer lines repaired usually begins when homeowners realize that all of the plumbing inside is backed up. The first thing that the homeowners will consider doing is checking the trap to the mainline. Normally, this is located just outside the property. This trap is certain to get filled up, and this points too the main line is clogged.

The homeowner might make an effort to unclog the line. He could attempt to do this himself using a plumbing snake. He or she call also decide to call a rooter service or local plumbing service that provides rooter services.

What are rooter services? These are usually plumbers with large machines that can root through the sewers to get rid of up obstructions then push out blockage in to the main lines. Besides machines, there are several strong chemicals which may do this same job. In some cases, both chemicals and machines are used.

Either with a machine or with chemicals, the sewer lines may even get unclogged. The problem is that they must stay unclogged. If the pipe is truly broken, the unclogging process might just push dirt around. The queue will seem unclogged for any day or two, but as the dirt settles in, the plumbing gets backed up again.

Plumbers have devices that function like snakes, however they have small cameras attached with them. These can get sent down into dark sewers to send back images from beneath the ground. In this way, the plumber and homeowners can diagnose the situation. Very often, when the line can't get cleared by conventional means, it indicates there is a break in the fishing line.

However, this is one way to make certain that is true. Usually, the digital camera can be set to return images to either a unique monitor or a computer. When the image shows the pipe is broken, it is going to sure need repairs.

How Do Sewer Lines Get Repaired?

In some instances, the actual line has to get dug up. Then the broken part gets replaces. This can be done by a plumbing company or a local water district. Homeowners should research prices for the best way to have this carried out in their own area.

Alternatives To Full Sewer Line Replacement

Nowadays, some services might provide an alternative solution. Sewer liners can fit within cracked pipes without actually the need to dig them up. This may be a quicker and cheaper solution than actually needing to dig up and replace the whole pipe. Homeowners might find out this solution will last their situation. - Reliant Plumbing